O’Sea Pirates


O’Sea Pirates is anNFT Art Collection with a multiplatform MOBA Project.

Our first major Mint includes 9,999 individual and unique NFTs with generative traits.

Let the journey begin


About Our Project

O’Sea Pirates appear on the Metaverse horizon.

Players are able to generate passive income. Investors benefit from increasing prices of the NFTs.

We combine piratish Bluechip NFT Art on Polygon with Play-to-earn MOBA and Play-to-Save the ocean approach. 

As Pirates can’t live without the sea we’re gonna share our pirate bounty from the initial drops with organisations which are supporting and working towards a goal to save the seas of our earth.

Together with other NFT Projects we stir up the MOBA Metaverse. 



Spring 2022

First drop of our O’Sea Pirates property shipyards, taverns and ships – to generate passive income

Pre Alpha Footage, Game-Trailer

Start Community Wallet

Start Airdrop of community O’Sea Pirates for The Sandbox!


February 2022

VIP SALE 500 Golden Ape Pirates – VIP Club

Major mint of 9,999 O’Sea Pirates in end of February 2022 – Join our Discord for the exact dates

Start of the MOBA-Development with our game studio


Late Summer 2022

Closed Beta for first PVP Battles

O’Sea pirates Ayecoin $AYE IDO


Summer 2022

Second 9,999 O’Sea Pirates Character Drop of the 2nd Race

Closed Alpha Test

Start with our The Sandbox special community Events


End Of Summer 2022

Second drop of our O’Sea Pirates property shipyards, taverns and 1,500 ships

Open Beta Test with Tokenomics

Find more information regarding the roadmap and goals in our Whitepaper

Community and Utility

Community First!

We always focus on the needs of our community. Therefore, we decide carefully which steps are the most valuable for our early supporter and therefore for the Project itself.

On our Discord we provide tons of information about the development, drops, rewards for being part of the community, or for just holding one of our NFTs.

We allow everyone to make suggestions about the future development direction of the Project.

All major items, characters,  islands, ships will be freely tradable NFTs. Rental of Pirate NFTs will grant players passive income opportunities and our shipyards will provide a steady supply of new ships for the conquest of the seas of O’Sea Pirates.

The most important assets of the game are of course the Genesis NFTs, which are available in very limited quantities only through drops or on secondary Market on Opensea.

We will provide early information about all drops via our Discord Community Server.


Treasure Map

We always set our goals towards our community and give back as much as possible.

We’ve set up some very achievable goals that we will accomplish once we hit each percentage. For every NFT sold, 10% goes to an organization that saves the world’s oceans. We’ll take a certain amount of our earnings and the community (everyone who has bought an NFT) can decide who the money goes to.

Moreover, we will unlock as follows our Drop unveiling Roadmap for your benefit:


  • The early bird. The first 250 minter will join a raffle to get an additional NFT from our O’Sea Pirate Collection out of 50 NFTs airdropped to their addresses.



  • If we get that far, we’ll airdrop for every 5th minted pirate an Adamantium PP (Pirate Pan), which increases your in-game stats when used and provides the ability to reflect shots to some extent. This will be the only item ever in our collection and future MOBA that has a passive ability that can stop projectiles to a certain extent. Don’t miss your chance to get your hand, I mean HOOK, on one of our Pirate Pans! ARRR


  • We’re giving away Polygon (the eco friendly Blockchain) tokens worth $ 2500 each to 20 lucky ones among all O’Sea Pirates minted.


  • This unlocks our first after Drop Community Contest where you can create together with our tattoo artist and real Pirate an O’Sea Pirates Companion with ingame functionality. It will then be airdropped to all the lucky ones who are able to gather all of the three subraces of our Genesis Drop Collection in one wallet. Further details will follow after the drop in our Discord. That said, 1,000 unique first community created companions with in-game functionallity waiting to be airdropped to the lucky ones.


  • WE ARRRR SOLD OUT! Great news for all of you guys! The Black Pearl awaits you! Every single NFT counts as a Raffle Ticket and a chance to win our fine Bounty. We give away one Volvo XC60 hybrid. The special XC60’s interior has a tunnel console made from renewable fibres and plastics from discarded fishing nets and maritime ropes. On the floor, the carpet contains fibres made from PET plastic bottles and a recycled cotton mix from clothing manufacturers’ offcuts. The seats also use PET fibres from plastic bottles. (Or the equivalent in $ETH to the lucky one who will win the raffle)

What is the Golden O’Sea Pirates Club about?


How many?

500 Golden O’Sea Pirates will be part of this Mint.
150 for WL Mint 
300 for Public Mint
50 for Marketing and the Team


When is the Drop?

The public Mint starts on the 19th of February.

The NFT’s will be sold for 150 Polygon for each Golden O’Sea Pirate.


When will it start ?

We start Feb 19th at 9 PM UTC.

The link will be shared on our Discord Server.

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20 Golden O’See Pirates will be available through the peer-to-peer marketplace “Opensea.io.” Their price on Opensea will be 0.1 Eth on Polygon.

For marketing and future giveaways, the Team keeps 50 O’Sea Pirates rocket

The Most Import Part!!!
Benefits of the Golden O’Sea Pirates

All holders of one or more Golden Ape O’Sea Pirate will earn the following benefits:

  • O’Sea Pirates Merchandise package
  • Exclusive Golden O’Sea Pirates Club Area in our Discord
  • Special Golden O’Sea Pirates Club Events on Discord like Trivias and Giveaways! 
  • Automatic membership of future whitelisting
  • Take part in polls to drive the value of the project and decide early with the Team
  • Exclusive entry to future events in The Sandbox metaverse within the O’Sea Pirate Land
  • Double your chance with each Golden O’Sea Pirate to win rewards along with our Treasure Map https://whitepaper.oseapirates.gold/osea-pirates/benefits/unveiling-roadmap like winning our ECO-FRIENDLY CAR (or equivalent in Polygon)
  • Be a part of closed Alpha and Beta testing with special rewards paid in our own $AYE Coin.
Ape golden-1

Minting App

There are 9,999 unique O’Sea Pirate NFTs to mint!

Everyone has an equal chance of receiving a rare pirate and taking part in the raffles from the revealing roadmap. We don’t know the exact distribution of the traits among the O’Sea Pirates and are as excited about the revealing as you are.

The drop reveal is 24 hours after the last pirate has been sold.

Exact information about the start, duration and end of the drop can be found in our Discord.

Charity Intention

Homepage Charity Affe
Our oceans are essential for our planet and for us as humans. That’s why we need to protect our ocean more and take better care of it. In doing so, we are not only protecting human, but also other living beings. If we continue to treat our oceans in this way, it will have fatal consequences for us.

This is where we come in and donate part of the proceeds from the various drops to organizations that are already moving in this direction. For every NFT sold, we donate 10%, which is why each ape symbolically carries a piece of garbage it fished out of the ocean.

We wanna make a difference! It is a matter of the heart for us and we are happy about everyone who wants to cooperate with us and do something good together. It’s time to stop the exploitation of our earth, let’s make a difference together. Let us be strong together! Arrrrrr

wilderness-international.org takes care of our CO2 neutralitiy bz buying rain forest in Canada ! 


Ranking System


The O’sea Pirates come in 3 different subraces with different designs.

6000 Normal Pirates (Typical, Viking and Japanese) 3000 Undead Pirates (Skeleton and Damned) and 999 Cyber Pirates. The rarity also affects the abilities in the game. The golden apes, which are dropped as our Presale and entry ticket to our VIP Club, are rarest Apes in terms of the number of subraces. and have the strongest abilities in the game. Any pirate can carry any weapon, so even a normal pirate has a good chance in the game. The order below shows the slope of rarity of each design.

Our Crew

Miriam Hompeage neu_trash

Madame Mina

What would a ship be without a captain? Responsible for the ship and the processes, she has a holistic view of the crew and the goal. The captain goes down with the ship. Madame Minas whole heart is attached to the ship and the crew. Together we’re strong and achieve great things.

Mina’s motivation is to save the seas with you pirates and have a lot of fun doing it. This is perfect for her because it combines good with a fun-part. A win / win situation for everyone.

Homepage Marcel mit Müll

Markus Störtebecker

The visionary and navigator

A man with the telescope in one hand and the grappling hook in the other. 10 years of experience in software development from e-mobility to Game of Thrones CGI effects Development to AWS. Navigates with the vision and product idea to the next privateer port.

Massimo Neueueueu

Luffy D. Massimo


The pirate that have cruised over the seven seas.

Born 1975, studied computer science and business economics.

Over 20 years experience in Information Systems Consulting, Deployment, Administration and Management. He excels in planning and finding innovative solutions.

Over 10 years experience in stocks and crypto investments.

Kris Trash Neu

Kristian Morgan

Our dark soul in the crew, known and notorious for his tattoos, which not only get under the skin, but also pierce marrow and bone. Whoever gets tattoed by him sells a piece of his soul and will be part of this ship forever.

Kristian’s motivation is the broad horizon of the new technologies. Once he starts to draw, he plunges into another world. The world of NFTs, a new one for many of us, a world in which you can lose yourself in the infinite depth. Come with us and dive into a completely new world.


One Eyed Jack

The man with the toolbox. Having over 12 years of experience with agile development methods and UX, he gathers the crew, keeps it together and facilitates collaboration in order to keep the ship on highest speed possible.

The beatings will continue until morale improves, arrrrr!

Homepage Luca Müll

Sir Lucas Drake

The Viking comes from the far north, has been working in software development at a monthly python like assurance company for 5 years and longs for the rough, endless sea.

Everybody is impressed with him and his awesome muscles and everyone wants to join him on the boat. We’ll never get bored with Sir Lucas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is O'Sea Pirates ?

O’Sea Pirates is a Play-to-earn,and Play-to-save-the-oceans game and unique NFT Art Collection with a crossplatform MOBA game project.

How do I Purchase a O'Sea Pirates ?

As soon as the O’Sea Pirate NFTs will be minted, you can purchase them on the secondary market opensea.io .

How many Pirates exist?

  1. There will be a mint of 500 golden Pirates.
  2. Our first major Mint with 9,999 unique O’Sea Pirate NFTs.
  3. Furthermore, we will add more NFTs in the future for our in-game properties and a complete new O’Sea Pirate race in the future.

How are O'Sea Pirates NFTs distributed?

As soon as the O’Sea Pirate NFTs are minted and available for purchase, everyone is free to buy them on our Homepage. Join our Discord to get the latest updates on our drop and the official Link to the minting page!

Are some O'Sea Pirates rarer than others?

Each NFT out of the 9.999 O’Sea Pirate Mint or any other Mint of our Collections is visually unique. However, for each Pirate Race Ape and TBA there will be 4 sub-races of different rarity, and some traits will be rarer than others. The rarity of the sub-races and traits will also have an impact in-game.

What are the benefits of owning an O'Sea Pirate?

As soon as you own a NFT of our unique Collection of 9,999 O’Sea Pirates.

  1. Use it in our cooperative tournament based MOBA
  2. Earn Tokens just by holding O’Sea Pirate NFT
  3. Earn monthly through royalities
  4. Once the MOBA is live, you can rent out your O’Sea Pirates to other players
  5. Each O’Sea Pirate is your ticket into our DAO and Community Wallet
  6. Owning a O’Sea Pirate NFT will grant whitelisting spots for our future drops and IDO
  7. You are able to stack and be part of our special reward system

What will happen to secondary market royalties?

We return our royalities monthly to all hodlers and traders who hold an O’Sea Pirate in their wallet during the monthly snapshot and either do not list it on a marketplace or offer it via floorprice. In the first 3 months we give 80% of our royalties to the group of our early supporter.

How can I enroll in alpha or beta testing?

You have to be the verified owner of an O’Sea Pirates NFT. Owners with most activity in our Discord channel will be selected to get access to Alpha/Beta testing. Also every owner of an Golden Pirate from our first Collection is qualified for testing.

What is Play to earn, Play to donate, and Play to save the seas?

Play to earn means that you can earn tokens or NFTs i-game which may then increase in value. Play to donate means that a fraction of your earnings will be given to organizations which will help save the oceans. Play to save the oceans means that by playing you can make a difference, you can  be a part in saving the oceans.

Do any traits of the NFTs play a role in the game?

Some of the traits will have a direct impact in the game, like sub-race, weapons, and armor, while others are purely aesthetical.